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Scottish Stained Glass is well known in Houston and nationwide for creating the highest quality stained glass windows for more than 20 years. Our local artisans combine the same ancient stained glass techniques used by Scottish craftsmen for centuries, with the most modern materials and installation techniques.
Although most people consider stained glass to be all about beauty and elegance – and it certainly is that – it can also have some very practical benefits. For residents of Houston, stained glass of our handcrafted quality adds value to a home or commercial building. It can also add privacy and uniqueness to a home’s entryway or bathrooms, and a feeling of exclusivity to a salon, spa, office, or high-end restaurant. And it can block an unappealing view, replacing it with something stunning, without blocking the natural flow of light into the building at the same time.
All our Houston stained glass panels are manufactured and installed to local building codes and meet the most modern energy efficiency standards. As the largest stained glass studio in the U.S. today, we have produced and installed custom stained glass windows for more than 12,000 satisfied customers to date. Owner Martin Faith emigrated from Scotland over 25 years ago. He brought his native land’s stained glass expertise with him. Over the past 25 years, Martin has used traditional methods as a starting point for developing his own process. It includes modern methods for hiding the points where the leading (known as “caming”) joins together, darkening the lead to an antique looking finish, and a proprietary polishing process which makes Scottish Stained Glass windows glow, even without the help of the sun.

Houston Custom Stained Glass Design Process: It Starts With You

Our stained glass designers work one-on-one with clients, taking in the client’s existing architecture and décor, and the client’s personal tastes. During the initial design consultation, clients have the opportunity to discuss their ideas and look at many samples, sketches, and photographs, while collaborating with one of our local Houston designers.
Back in our studio, the custom design process continues using CAD and photo-shop technologies to create beautiful works of art that exactly conform to clients’ needs and specifications. Please take a good look at the detail and quality shown in the lovely photographs below, or visit our design galleries to see more examples of our workmanship.

Stunning Custom Stained Glass for Your Houston, Texas Home

Of course, you take great pride in your Houston home, carefully finding the perfect furnishings that delight you and the artwork that inspires you. If you are looking to add beauty, value, and distinctive style to your entryway, windows, doors, sidelights, transoms, and skylights, we hope you’ll consider us. We would love to earn your business. Over the years we’ve found that our residential clients truly appreciate vividly colored stained glass but generally prefer something a bit more subtle and elegant for their homes. Our most popular type of residential stained glass is actually colorless, made with frosted, textured, and gorgeous beveled stained glass. This works with any color scheme and lets in as much natural light as possible.

About Custom Stained Glass Houston by Scottish Stained Glass

In business for over 20 years, we’ve installed over 40,000 custom stained glass windows for delighted customers. As the largest stained glass studio in the U.S., we have the experience, the talented artisans and the technical expertise to design and install any type of stained glass panel, including replicas of ancient stained glass and antique stained glass restoration as well.
Our Houston stained glass is available in a wide variety of styles, from classic Celtic and romantic florals, to Frank Lloyd Wright inspired modern designs and our own signature Aspen collection. However, you will be working to create your custom design with one of our talented pros, so if you have your own ideas those can be easily accommodated as well. Browse through our design galleries for some Houston stained glass inspiration.
We find many Houstonians have long admired stained glass, but have never realized how affordable, practical and easily installed it is. Our prices start as low as $80 per square foot. As for the practicality aspects, stained glass windows afford greater privacy where necessary, or block an undesirable view with the use of textured glass. All this, while still letting the natural light stream through into your home.

Contact Custom Stained Glass Houston today for your free quote!

Contact us today for a free, in-home consultation with a stained glass designer. They will show you samples, ideas, and offer suggestions. If your home is an older style, they will even research what style of stained glass windows would provide an authentic complement to its history. Please let us earn your business!
Scottish Stained Glass is active in social media, so you can find out about us and see what we do in many different ways. Follow us on Facebook, or check out the beautiful photos of our work on Flickr. If you are looking for custom designed stained glass in Houston or anywhere across the Lone Star State, please contact us by phone or using our convenient online form.

From Dallas to Barcelona: Stained Glass Masterpieces Around the World

Stained glass is one of the world’s oldest art forms. Since Ancient Egyptian days when artisans used to wind strands of molten glass around clay to make beads for jewelry, stained glass has been an important part of the world’s art history. Additionally, many cultures and religious bodies consider stained glass to be of great value and importance, not only for its sentimental purposes, but also its practical uses too. Once, stained glass was used in churches as a way to teach attendees who could not read the lessons of the Bible.

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Exploring Beautiful Stained Glass Churches in The South

There are many beautiful examples of stained glass throughout Southern churches. These unique stained glass collections can be found throughout different houses of worship throughout all the Southern states. For stained glass enthusiasts, exploring these gorgeous stained glass pieces that can range from newer, contemporary stained glass to historic stained glass pieces built in the 1800s. These differing stained glass collections offer inspiration for Houston churches looking to create their own custom stained glass pieces.
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Stained Glass Style That Work For Your Beaumont, TX Neighborhood


Stained glass a home improvement that most homeowner would love to make but put off or hesitate on because they simply don’t know what kind of stained glass to get.  Rather than deal with what style stained glass will go with their home or if they should use colors and which ones, they stay with the status quo. Call it a lack of knowledge or just a dire need for inspiration but people often aren’t aware of how many varieties of stained glass designs available to them through prolific stained glass companies, like Custom Stained Glass Houston and how easily it is installed.  Here in our studios, we have an abundance of colors, textures, and designs styles to suit every single home here in Beaumont, TX and expert installers to get the job done in as little as one day. So, if stained glass is something you just love and have been considering for a long time but putting off, we have provided some stained glass ideas for we think would go well in your home based on neighborhoods like yours in Beaumont, TX.

Stained Glass In Beaumont, TX Neighborhoods

Modern Stained Glass:  The Walden neighborhood of Beaumont is full of young professionals working hard to get a leg up and have a good life.  This also means houses hear are being modernized at a fast clip, making stained glass that looks new and trendy a must here! Abstract stained glass goes wonderfully with the emerging Walden neighborhood aesthetic but even something more classic like mid-century modern Frank Llyod Wright-inspired stained glass with clean lines will fit in perfectly!


Vintage Stained Glass:  The Oaks Historic of Beaumont is a very old, very beautiful place to live.  It is historic for the obvious reason of having many old homes dating back to the founding of the city itself.   However, with all the renovations of late, it has turned into a marvelous modern neighborhood with lovely antique accents.  This is why Vintage stained glass is a solid fit for homeowners in The Oaks. Stained glass in the style of Greene And Greene and MacIntosh will not only be a lovely accent for homes here but will complement the entire neighborhood too!


Textured Stained Glass:  The Calder Highlands neighborhood of Beaumont is gorgeous with its classic French architecture and since this part of Beaumont is absolutely bustling with activity—privacy can be hard to come by here.   For these reasons, stained glass that is textured is wonderful for the Calder Highlands neighborhood where you likely want a bit of privacy on sidelight and bathroom windows but still want to enjoy the natural light and ambiance of such a lively place to call home.

As we said, there is truly an abundance of stained glass styles for any home in the Beaumont, TX area and finding one that fits you is only a click away! Contact us at Custom Stained Glass Houston to find out more about stained glass styles that fit your home today!