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Modern Stained Glass Design for Houston Homes

On 12, Sep 2019 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Modern Stained Glass | By csghadmin

When you picture stained glass it is something you and almost everyone else associated with churches. Towering chapel windows, a brightly clad entryway depicting saints or maybe even a small parish with simple gospel iconography.  But stained glass is so much more! Especially modern stained glass in Houston. There is an exciting new trend in commercial and home design here and across the country where bold, contemporary stained glass in homes is all the rage.  It makes sense that stained glass would come into vogue for modern homes, given the timeless geometric patterns–common to stained glass. This type of stained glass can be as intricate or as minimal as you choose and incorporating a ton of color or very little.  It truly is ubiquitous meaning the possibilities for stained glass are endless for homes today. Just look below at some of the best Pinterest images we found!  

Kitchen Cabinet Stained Glass

Kitchens are where families and even guests spend most of their time.  So, when it comes to designing a modern, beautiful kitchen–stained glass is the way to go!  Check out the simple but stylish stained glass kitchen cupboard below. The clear glass gives it a minimalist feel and lets you see inside. While the elegant sweeping accent blocks the clutter and gives a pop of color.  \ This type of look while trendy–will never go out of style.

Modern Stained Glass Dividers

For a stylish way to block off a part of your home or to create a high-fashion enclosed area in your home– stained glass, is a way to bring in some modern flare  Just like the lovely room divider below– you too can create your very own abstract work of art. made from stained glass below. Geometric, abstract, minimalist patterns make these stained glass room divider modern and your home goes from ordinary to intriguing.  Plus, the stained glass is semi-private. So you can create a space for a home office area or reading nook that isn’t completely closed off from the rest of your home.

Modern Stained Glass Bathroom Windows

Stained glass has always been a privacy solution for stained glass.  But windows in bathrooms were usually understated– a mix of textured and beveled glass.  Sometimes with a pop of color. Today’s modern stained glass could not be more different. Bold rather than busy the abstract stained glass window below is simply stunning and the perfect solution to modernize your Houston home!


For more information on modern stained glass for your Houston home, reach out to us at Custom Stained Glass Houston today!