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Martin Faith | Custom Stained Glass Houston

Home Stained Glass Elements and Styles

With a range of stained glass styles to select from for your home window, you may feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, stained glass windows are crafted with a few essential components that any skilled designer can arrange into an original design tailored just for you! Herein we will supply some basic facts on the most common elements used in creating gorgeous stained glass designs. Read further and discover what each element has to offer when it comes to customizing your one-of-a-kind window!

Stained Glass for Houston Homes

Transform your home into a one-of-a-kind haven with stained glass. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of character and elegance to any living space – be it classic styles with religious motifs or contemporary designs that boast bold hues and distinct shapes. Not only does stained glass bring beauty, but also provides you with desired privacy while simultaneously letting natural light shine through. With an array of materials available, from rich hues to lead cames and vibrant tiles there are countless options when creating custom pieces tailored just for your Houston abode! Timelessly stunning – let stained glass become part of your décor today! 

Why Stained Glass Works Well in Houston Homes

Stained glass is the perfect way to inject timeless beauty and artistry into any space. It’s making a huge comeback in modern Houston homes, adding an elegant touch to windows, doors, and more with its stunning colors that create a vibrant atmosphere of warmth and style.

Stained glass not only offers a beautiful visual presence but also provides safety within your home by blocking outside intruders and unwanted elements. With its combination of practical functionality and magnificent color palette, it is easy to see why stained glass will remain an everlasting staple in modern property design. Learn more about the components we utilize in our designs to ensure that every piece of stained glass stands out from the rest!

Leaded, Beveled, Frosted, and Colored Stained Glass in Houston

With leaded, beveled, frosted, and colored stained glass options available for urban homes, the possibilities are truly endless. You could choose from elaborate floral designs to minimalist geometric shapes – each of which will create unique properties and effects in a design. Unparalleled beauty awaits you; discover what stained glass can do for your home below!

Beveled Stained Glass For an Elegant Houston Home

For centuries, beveled stained glass has been a timeless way to add some extra elegance to one’s living space. Its intricate shapes and textures can fill any room with brightness while the angled edges reflect light in mesmerizing ways. Whether used as an accent window or door panel, this gorgeous decoration is sure to make any home feel extraordinary and stunningly beautiful!

Leaded Glass for a Traditional Feel

If you’re looking for a classic and regal touch to your interior design, look no further than leaded glass. Its intricate patterns add an unmistakably vintage aesthetic that can make any room appear larger and brighter. Additionally, not only does it have style but substance – the leaded glass will also help muffle external noise near windows or sliding doors!

Leaded glass, whether as an entryway door or in cabinetry, serves to amplify the style and complexity of your home. Its timeless beauty radiates an aura of sophistication that immediately becomes a focal point for all who enter the room.

Frosted Stained Glass for Decorative Privacy

Frosted stained glass is a stunning décor option for parts of your home that need to be private. Not only does it look lovely, but also lends an inviting air to the room. Unlike other privacy solutions, frosted stained glass achieves its purpose without compromising style; thus often adding a touch of luxury to the area. Additionally, instead of blocking light, it filters and emits soft illumination from around it – making everything brighter!

The numerous advantages of frosted stained glass make it a go-to choice for windows, doors, cabinets, and screens. If you desire to create an inviting kitchen or want some privacy in the entryway while allowing sun rays in – frosted glass is the right option! It comes as no shock that this feature has become so widely desired.

Colored Stained Glass for an Eye-Catching Design

Incorporate some flair into your windows and add a striking focal point to any room by customizing it with beautiful colored stained glass! Working in nearly every hue, this decorative glass will provide the perfect touch of elegance whatever the home décor style. When light passes through its multicolored facets, it creates an ethereal gemstone effect that is both mesmerizing and eye-catching — you really can’t go wrong integrating colorful stained glass into your design scheme!

We Can Help You Choose the Right Stained Glass Style For Your Houston Home

Introducing a captivating stained glass aesthetic to your home can bring light and life in an unprecedented way, no other decoration could ever replicate. With so many possibilities for customizing the design with its various features, it may be difficult to decide which one is right for you. But worry not! Our team is here to help narrow down the list until we find what best suits your home’s style – making this decision stress-free and easy!

With our comprehensive knowledge, we have the capacity to select a beautiful stained glass design that integrates some or all of the components mentioned above. If you are searching for modern designs featuring geometrical shapes or timeless floral motifs, then look no further! We can craft an aesthetic that would be perfect for your living area. Reach out today and discover how stained glass artwork could bring life into your urban home.



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Bathroom Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

5 Incredible Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Houston Homes

On 10, Feb 2023 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Bathroom Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

Creating your perfect dream home can be such a wonderful experience, offering great long-term benefits. For those interested in improving property value while boosting privacy and functionality, there are a few investments available for achieving this. While many think of stained glass for churches or historic properties only, it’s actually a wonderful investment for homes. Here are five incredible bathroom stained glass windows for your Houston home. Read more…

Historic Stained Glass Restoration Project: Pearl Harbor Window

Sometimes, stained glass restoration is performed to repair windows that have been damaged due to vandalism or an accident. However, it’s also a viable solution for preserving historic artwork that has suffered the impacts of time and exposure to the elements. Recently, we had the opportunity to be involved in an exciting historic stained glass restoration project. Our Houston team traveled to Hawaii to restore a famous piece of artwork known as the Pearl Harbor Memorial Window. Below, we’ve recounted our experience in detail. Read more…



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Stained Glass For Homes

By Martin Faith

How to Improve Your Houston Home’s Privacy With Stained Glass

On 26, Jan 2023 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass For Homes | By Martin Faith

Privacy issues can seem inconsequential at times. However, as these persist, they often become a serious problem. This is especially true for homes. Lack of privacy can impact the comfort of your home. It can also pose security issues, making it important to find effective ways to create better seclusion and privacy. While there is a great deal of effective privacy solutions available, one of the drawbacks is often aesthetics. For homeowners looking for a beautiful solution that addresses privacy, stained glass is your best bet. Here’s how stained glass can help you improve your Houston home’s privacy needs.

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The Most Popular Home-Stained Glass Locations for Houston Homes

Stained glass is a great addition to homes because it adds a unique and beautiful aesthetic that can be tailored to the style and color scheme of any Houston home. Stained glass can also bring a sense of privacy and soft natural light into the home. In addition, stained glass can be a great way to add a special touch to a home and make it truly unique.

Houston’s Top Stained Glass Studio

This year, we’ve done stained glass work in thousands of homes and businesses across the country. We’re always creating new designs for every type of space, but some areas have been more popular than others this year. Here are the most popular applications for 2022:

The Best Places For Stained Glass in Your Houston Home

  1. Windows: Windows are a classic choice for stained glass projects due to their ability to let in light and create a beautiful design. 
  2. Doors: Adding stained glass to a door can add an elegant touch to any Houston home’s entrance. 
  3. Skylights: Placing stained glass in a skylight can create a unique and inviting atmosphere in any room. 
  4. Cabinets: Stained glass is a great way to add a personal touch to kitchen and bathroom cabinets. 
  5. Wall Art: Adding stained glass pieces to walls can create a beautiful focal point in any room. 
  6. Exterior Features: Exterior stained glass pieces can be used to add a distinctive touch to the outside of a home.

We turn your home decorating dreams into reality, no matter where in Houston you want stained glass. Schedule a free design consultation with us today!

3 Enchanting Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Your Houston Home

Everyone needs a spa day every once in a while. Practicing good self-care is essential for living a happy, healthy life. But if you’re like most people, you probably don’t have the time to go to the spa or beauty salon all the time. That’s why it can be great to have your own personal spa in your home. Bathroom stained glass gives Houston homeowners the ability to create an elevated, secluded atmosphere that feels as luxurious as a spa. Turn your bathroom into a private secluded area where you can relax and brush off your worries! Read more…

Featured Church Stained Glass Project: St. Edward’s Church

On 08, Sep 2022 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Religious & Church Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

We’re excited to announce the completion of our recent church stained glass project at St. Edward’s Church. This Pennsylvania church was looking to create a memorial stained glass window in order to honor one of their recently passed pastors. They decided to replace an existing large window that looked over the main street intersection so that they could also conceal the street view during service. The church contacted many stained glass studies throughout the nation for this project about 2 years ago. We normally do in-person consultations, but had to resort to video chatting due to the pandemic.

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Three Stunning Churches in Texas with Stained Glass

On 30, May 2022 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Religious & Church Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

If you want to experience fantastic religious architecture, you’ll want to visit these stunning churches in Texas with stained glass windows. They are beautiful, and the history behind these architectural masterpieces is equally as fascinating!  Read more…

Stained Glass Restoration: The Rising Church

On 29, Apr 2022 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By Martin Faith

We’re honored to have been able to work on so many incredible church stained glass restoration projects throughout the years. Our most recent project has been successfully completed at the Rising Church. This church is located in Arvada, CO, and is celebrated for its comprehensive homeless outreach. One evening after the church was closed, a pedestrian thought they overheard noises from inside. In order to try to stop the perceived threat, rocks were thrown through almost all of the stained glass windows. Fortunately, there was no one inside but the windows were damaged.

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By Martin Faith

Stained Glass Crest Artwork in Houston

On 06, Apr 2022 | No Comments | In Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

One of our less-known but fantastic stained glass offerings is family crest stained glass. They are popular because they turn into cherished family heirlooms. They are also a form of -stained glass that is highly customizable. When customizing your family crest, we can use anything that represents your lineage: sigils, coat of arms, surname, and even your motto or slogan.

How Are Stained Glass Crests Created And What Do They Look Like?

As stated above, each family crest is individually crafted in our Houston stained glass studio. We have found the most common shape of family crests is octagonal, but the shape we use is up to you and your family members. These stained glass works of art are handmade and durable, so they are sure to last the ages and become a family heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation. Most of the stained glass family crests we do are panels that are hung on the wall. This means you can move them with you from house to house to keep them in the family. They also come with a lifetime transferable warranty so they can be passed on to the next generation. If properly maintained, these works of art will last over 100 years before needing repair!

Can I Give a Stained Glass Family Crest As A Gift?

You can absolutely gift a family crest stained glass panel to someone in your family. They make lovely and thoughtful gifts. We typically make these stained glass crests as panels to hang on a window or a wall. So, you can wrap them up and give them as gifts just like any other item. The best part about giving the gift of family crest stained glass is that the whole family will enjoy it when visiting or at family gatherings.

Different Places Stained Glass Crests Work Well

Although we typically do crests for family heirlooms, we have done them for Houston schools, fraternal organizations, and similar organizations too. So if you are a proud member of groups like these–a stained glass panel is something to consider purchasing.

Contact us today for pricing for more information on our custom stained glass creation or to talk to someone about a family crest for your Houston area home.