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Martin Faith | Custom Stained Glass Houston - Part 2



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In Aggrigate
Stained Glass For Homes

By Martin Faith

3 Reasons to Install Privacy Stained Glass in Your Houston Home

On 17, Jun 2020 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass For Homes | By Martin Faith

With many of us spending a lot more time at home, it can be easy to discover certain issues that we weren’t previously aware of. When it comes to home privacy, it’s important to prioritize finding effective solutions for both the safety and comfort of your home. Making sure nosy neighbors and onlookers from the street can’t view into your home can provide peace of mind for any Houston homeowner. The majority of privacy solutions out there, unfortunately, aren’t very aesthetically pleasing and can actually block natural sunlight into your home. Privacy stained glass offers an incredible way to keep your property secluded and private.

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The Stained Glass Restoration Process for Your Houston Church

On 06, May 2020 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By Martin Faith

Stained glass has always played an important role in churches. Stained glass was often used to help showcase the teachings of the Bible to those that were illiterate in the past. As churches continue to evolve through the centuries, stained glass remained as a significant part of worship offering inspiration and tradition. Houston churches have some of the most incredible original stained glass features that lend both historical and sentimental value. In order to maintain these prevalent pieces of art, stained glass restoration is required.

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In Aggrigate
Custom Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

Grand Entryway Stained Glass for Your Houston Home

On 15, Apr 2020 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Custom Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

Entryways can be so important for any home since they make the first impression for you and your guests. Having a stunning, grand entryway is always ideal for both resale purposes and simple bragging rights. A great way to achieve that custom entryway look is by installing custom stained glass. Custom stained glass can offer significant benefits for your Houston home’s entryway, helping improve both function and beauty.

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In Aggrigate

By Martin Faith

Is Restoring Stained Glass in Churches Worth the Investment?

On 19, Feb 2020 | No Comments | In Aggrigate | By Martin Faith

Churches, schools, and homeowners alike come to us here at Custom Stained Glass Houston wondering what their stained glass is worth. This is a fair question because many stained glass windows are worth money due to age, artist or historical value. While these windows may have increased in monetary value over the years, the fact of the matter is–most require restoration. And, whatever the window may be worth now–fully restored it will be worth more.

Restoring Stained Glass in Churches Preserves It For Future Generations

One of the primary reasons Houston church stained glass is worth restoring is because it is part of your church’s history. This history is rich with stories about people’s lives. Things like weddings, funerals and baptisms all happened beneath your church’s aged stained glass. This means that it is something parishioners want to keep intact for future generations to enjoy. However, there is an element of monetary value too.

How Does Restoring Stained Glass Increase Its Value?

The idea behind restoring a stained glass window is that stained glass, unlike many antiques, is definitely worth more after it has been restored. With a typical antique restoration is not always a good idea. The state it is in untouched is often more desirable than a renewed one. The issue with stained glass windows is–the risk of losing them completely due to deterioration is much higher than the risk of having them restored. Windows built over 80 years ago were only built to last about 80-100 years–therefore the longer the restoration the neglected–the more the windows could lose value. The issue then becomes not if they should be restored but by who. Because ultimately it is a skilled restoration company that will increase their value through a job well done.

Why Hire A Skilled Restoration Expert For Your Stained Glass?

Just like any older item–time takes a toll on stained glass. To restore these beauties–it takes a skilled hand. In fact, it is critical to find the very best and experienced when it comes to stained glass restoration. This is because an improper restoration could damage or destroy your church’s stained glass and decrease the value. Here at Custom Stained Glass Houston we are the repair expert you need to properly restore your church’s stained glass. We are happy to travel to you to appraise your church’s stained glass and give you clear pricing on the job. Contact us today to find out more and to schedule an appointment!



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In Bathroom Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

How to Create a Modern, Chic Bathroom with Privacy Stained Glass

On 09, Jan 2020 | No Comments | In Bathroom Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

Creating a beautiful bathroom isn’t as easy as it seems. You have to pick out all the right colors, patterns, and materials, and somehow make them come together. But we have a secret solution that we’re about to let you in on. Meet privacy stained glass. Your Houston home is about to be beautified.

Just like it sounds, privacy stained glass is stained glass that’s used to block views and create privacy. Unlike other options like blinds and curtains, it doesn’t block the sunlight, which is important when you’re working with a small space like a bathroom. And it’s perfect for tying the room together. Trust us, once you see how different it can make your bathroom look, you’ll totally fall in love.

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In Aggrigate
Modern Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

A Closer Look At Medieval Stained Glass And Its Significance

On 13, Dec 2019 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Modern Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

Medieval stained glass is, first of ancient, and identified by its unique use color. It is sometimes painted glass and gets its name from the medieval period in Europe which went from about the 10th century to the 16th century. Much of the stained glass during this period was made up of picture representation: saints, biblical scenes and iconography were are richly displayed. While the reason for this shift to depictions is not exactly clear, it is often thought it was due to the emerging color technology, which gave artists the ability to better use fine detail. One of the first examples of colored window glass is from 800–820 from excavations at the Abbey of San Vincenzo in Volturno, Italy. The medieval period, rich in colored stained glass, started less than 200 years later–meaning it could have been the invention of color that inspired the next 500-600 years of works.

The Colors of Medieval Stained Glass

As you now know it is the colors that set medieval stained glass apart. So, what type of color was used that so distinguishes this period of stained glass history? Quite a few actually. Impurities in the silica used to make the glass are the reason for most of the colors and this was as often a mistake or experiment as it was intentional. However, some colors were fully developed and dialed in during this span of the Medieval period.

Medieval Blue Soda Glass

One of the most gorgeous colors in Medieval stained glass is the blue soda glass. The early medieval glass was chemically soda-based. While this blue is stunning, for reasons unknown blue soda glass was quickly replaced with Forest glass. But in its short time, this use of blue was prolific. There has been blue soda stained glass found in UK excavations at Old Sarum, Winchester and even some in France.

Red and Green Medieval Stained Glass

Green and red stained glass occurred naturally in many cases because of the aforementioned impurities in the silica. However, as the medieval time progressed the colors were likely made by adding copper– in the form of ore or copper filing.

Silver Stain Medieval Stained Glass

In the early Medieval period, unique colors could be brought forth by carefully controlling the furnace conditions (heat and length of fire). What really was happening was an increase or decrease in oxidizing. But, later in the Medieval period (the 14th century) silver stain was introduced which made it possible to create a wider variety of glass hues by painting on this chemical mixture.

The Importance of Medieval Stained Glass

As you well know, Medieval stained glass windows were a very long time ago. Be that as it may, they have had a huge impact on the modern glass we see today. Primarily because this was the first era that not only introduced color into stained glass but led to the development of many of the same colors we use today. Furthermore, with the use of color, this period of time started an era of life-like representations of people, places, and things–not unlike much of what we see in stained glass today.

For more information on stained glass or to get a stain glass windows designed for your Houston home, contact us here at Custom Stained Glass Houston today!



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In Stained Glass Design & Styles

By Martin Faith

What Is Dalle Stained Glass and What Does It Look Like?

On 24, Nov 2019 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Design & Styles | By Martin Faith

In case you haven’t heard, stained glass windows are one of the most popular trends this year in home design. That’s right, the same trend that was once popular for churches in the 16th century has now made its way into modern homes. Modern designers and architects have started using the vintage feature in new and exciting ways, which includes incorporating it into kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways.

Among the many styles of stained glass that are trending in Houston includes Dalle de Verre. If you’ve never heard of Dalle Stained Glass before, you may be wondering what it is and what it looks like. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the characteristics of Dalle Stained Glass and ways you can incorporate it into your Houston home.

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In Aggrigate
Modern Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

What Makes Dalle Stained Glass Unique?

On 22, Nov 2019 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Modern Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

If your Houston home or business has Dalle stained glass in or on it–you likely can see it is different from other types of stained glass but may not know exactly why. As it turns out, Dalle stained glass is a very unique expression of the traditional stained glass art form with some pretty significant differences. Below we compare traditional stained glass to Dalle stained glass so you can get an idea about what sets the two apart.

The Age of the Stained Glass Craft

Dalle Stained Glass: This type of stained glass was invented at the beginning of the 20th century–making it a little over 100 years old. Furthermore, we know a fair bit about how and when it was invented and many early pioneers of this stained glass method.

Traditional Stained Glass: This stained glass art form is incredibly old– in fact ancient. Some traditional stained glass was made well over 1000 years ago. However, we don’t have any information on who first made it or where.

The Thickness of Glass

Dalle Stained Glass: This type of stained glass is very thick– over 1” thick. It is produced massive blocks and then sawed or hammered into size. In fact, its name translates to “glass slab” in French.

Traditional Stained Glass: Uses a much thinner piece of glass in construction. Today’s production glass is about 1/8″ thick. It is usually made to the size of the panel in which it will sit and is thin enough to sand and cut with a glass cutter.

Type of Stained Glass Structure

Dalle Stained Glass: The pieces of glass in this type of stained glass is held in place by a thick concrete and epoxy frame. This substrate is poured onto the glass as it sits in a sand box. This means the glass and the frame are incredibly strong.

Traditional Stained Glass: Use wood frames with metal supports to hold the glass panels in place and the pieces are soldered together. While not fragile–traditional stained glass windows are not nearly as sturdy as Dalle stained glass.

The Stained Glass Restoration Process

Dalle Stained Glass: Since the concrete and epoxy framing is thick and tough to manipulate, this type of glass is very hard to repair and restore. The process involves chipping away the entire stone frame from the glass and then re-poured. This is very time consuming and expensive.

Traditional Stained Glass: Is much easier to remove and restore traditional stained glass since lead caming is soft and can be easily peeled away. Easier to do than chipping the frame off–there is a fair bit of artistry and care involved with traditional stained glass restoration.

For more information on either of these stained glass artforms and restoration and repair–contact us at Custom Stained Glass Houston today.

Is Historical Restoration of Stained Glass a Smart Decision for Your Commercial Space?

On 15, Oct 2019 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Commercial Stained Glass Restoration | By Martin Faith

Stained glass is not just something that made solely for churches here in Houston. Around the turn of the 20th-century stained glass was put in all types of buildings in the “booming” west. From retail stores to banks and bars–stained glass was a definite trend. This same stained glass, made over 100 years ago, and put in commercial spaces is now due for restoration. Beyond the fact that much of Houston’s commercial stained glass needs to be restored or it could fall into permanent disrepair there are other reasons to do so. In fact, there are quite a few! Below we have listed some of the most compelling reasons.

Restoring Commercial Stained Glass Strengthens Community Ties

When we work with Houston area churches to restore their stained glass windows, we have found, the entire community comes together to help. Commercial spaces are no different. If your stained glass is over 100 years old, it is often considered historical. This means community organizations and even grants are likely available to help local commercial spaces restore antique stained glass. This allows your business to interact with the community in a unique way to benefit the community. 

Restoring Commercial Stained Glass Attract New Clients

Stained glass is gorgeous and the reason it was installed in your commercial space in the first place was to attract people. Whatever your stained glass looks like now likely pales in comparison to what it will look like once restored. When you invest your time and money to have the stained glass in your Houston commercial space restored, it will surely pay off by attracting new customers entranced by your amazing restoration piece.

Restoring Commercial Stained Glass Preserves A Piece of Houston History

The fact of the matter is, stained glass windows in commercial spaces are a part of Houston’s storied history. It is likely some of these windows were made by burgeoning artisans or studios in Houston’s past and have a rich history behind them. Moreover, if your Houston location has stained glass in it, it was likely quite a hub back in the city’s early days. By restoring the historic stained glass then, you are doing your part preserving the amazing “Frontier” past Houston is known for.

For more information on how to begin a restoration of your historical stained glass in your commercial space, contact us at Custom Stained Glass Houston today!



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In Aggrigate
Custom Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

Why Installing Stained Glass in Houston Custom Homes Is A Very Good Idea

On 11, Oct 2019 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Custom Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

When buying a custom home, the best part about it is–it is all yours to do with what you may. This means you can make your home interiors and exteriors exactly what you want them to be. Many different additions can be added to customize your home to your needs and wants. One such addition for you to utilize in your Houston custom home or home remodel is–stained glass. Stained glass is an outstanding home feature that allows for both exceptional form and function. While beauty is the most sought after function of stained glass, there are a number of other benefits of stained glass in Houston custom homes as well.

Benefits of Stained Glass For Houston Custom Homes

  1. Stained Glass For More Privacy: We have found that the number one reason people want to install stained glass in custom homes or remodels is to get more privacy. As this city grows, people find that their neighbors seem closer on all sides. This makes for a distinct need for privacy solutions. Stained glass is exactly the solution Houstonians need. By opting for stained glass in windows critical to privacy in your custom homes like bathroom, entryway, and bedroom windows, you get the level of privacy you want without sacrificing any style!
  2. Stained Glass For Increased Resale Value: When it comes to the long term effects of add-ons in custom homes, nothing is better than that of custom stained glass. While it may cost you more upfront, stained glass will pay off big time in the future. In fact, stained glass usually appraises for 10x the initial cost or more. Additionally, when you go to sell your custom Houston home, stained glass windows will help your home sell faster –since they make for excellent curb appeal.
  3. Stained Glass For One-of-a-Kind Aesthetics: If you are buying a custom home here in Houston or even doing a remodel to make an existing home more your own, you likely value uniqueness. Nothing is better at facilitating unique charm than stained glass. It is a way to express your artistic values and install something that will stand out like no other decorative element. Regardless of whether you are looking for something from a certain era like a Prairie Style stained glass window or something 100% unique like a modern stained glass room divider–stained glass is the way to get a custom home accent completely tailored to your needs and wants.

For more information on stained glass for your custom-built or renovated Houston home, contact us at Custom Stained Glass Houston today!