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Stained Glass Pricing

Hail Damage Repairs for Residential and Church Stained Glass

On 22, Jun 2016 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Benefits, Stained Glass Pricing | By csghadmin

Unfortunately, hailstorms have been quite frequent in the Houston metropolitan area this past

season. And with these hailstorms come the reports of property damage, including damage to

peoples’ prized stained glass windows or doors.

When stained glass receives hail damage, it can be anything from a simple crack in a single piece

of glass to an entire shattered window or door panel. If your stained glass is damaged by hail,

please know that it can be restored to its original condition.

We have the capability to match almost any glass, and repair or restore the damage whether

minor or major. In fact, if the stained glass in question is old antique church stained glass, the

restoration can make it stronger, more structurally sound, and ready to last another century or

more for parishioners to enjoy.

Here at Houston Stained Glass we have twenty years of experience repairing and restoring

stained glass, whether it was damaged by a wild Houston hailstorm or just by the ordinary

ravages of time.

Please contact us at the first sign of any hail damage to your stained glass. We need to assess the

extent of the damage to give you a quote for the repair job. With our special stained glass hail

damage repair process, we only need to disassemble the window from the closest edge to the

area of the damage.

Our skilled artisans will match and replace any shattered or missing pieces of glass, and

reassemble the panel using matching leads. After soldering and polishing, the stained glass is

ready for reinstallation into the home, office, or church.

However, it would be a shame to reinstall the window and risk the exact same damage happening

again in the next big hailstorm to come along. Fortunately, with our installation methods, that is

unlikely to happen. When we install or reinstall a stained glass window, it is always behind a

clear, hail resistant panel of glass that is there to protect the stained glass. In this way, we ensure

that your stained glass does not go through the same trauma again. And neither do you.

A note about antique church stained glass hail damage repair:

Over the decades, your larger church stained glass panels might have become structurally

unsound. The lead caming that holds the glass bits together might have become brittle, bowed, or

otherwise deteriorated over time. This makes the windows even more susceptible to hail damage.

When we reassemble and reinstall the window, we can add extra strength and stability with the

use of stronger metals inside the lead caming as well as steel braces that will support the

windows better than the original installation did.

Please contact us today for more information about hail damage repair for residential and church

stained glass.

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