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By csghadmin

How to Incorporate Stained Glass into Modern Architecture in Houston

On 08, Mar 2018 | No Comments | In Custom Stained Glass | By csghadmin

Houston has some of the most beautiful, intricate traditional stained glass windows featured throughout their homes and historic commercial buildings. Stained glass is often considered as an antique, traditional art form that many see as outdated. Although these pieces can reflect powerful imagery and interesting art movements of the past, stained glass can actually be utilized in modern applications in Houston homes and commercial buildings. Stained glass artisans are starting to use this exclusive medium as contemporary art forms in innovative ways that artists haven’t utilized before.
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In Custom Stained Glass

By csghadmin

Why Stained Glass A Great Fit For Your Houston Hom

On 06, Oct 2017 | No Comments | In Custom Stained Glass | By csghadmin

Stained Glass: Just the Right Fit For Your Houston Home

Stained glass is one of those design elements that fits practically anywhere on any style home. And as we here at Custom Stained Glass Houston well know, there is a very good reason for that. The driver of this ubiquity is–stained glass can match any style of home because it comes in so many different styles itself. Add to that the bonus that is can be custom made to order and you have the perfect home decor element for any home in Houston and actually–around the world. It doesn’t matter if you are super hip and modern or more reserved, elegant and traditional–stained glass will work just as well for you no matter what because the styles of stained glass range from old school to new school, bold or low key and we can help you find just the right stained glass masterpiece for your Houston home. Read more…



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In Custom Stained Glass

By csghadmin

Give The Unique Gift Of Stained Glass This Wedding Season!

On 17, May 2017 | No Comments | In Custom Stained Glass | By csghadmin

 Stained Glass For Weddings In Houston

You can just feel the love in the air, can’t you?  The warm weather, birds chirping and flowers blooming all mean one thing to Texas families and their soon to be brides and grooms–it’s wedding season!  That’s right, the season of love, is upon us here in Houston and if you are anything like us, you likely have more than a few save the dates hanging on your refrigerator and also a bunch of summer weekends x’d off to attend the wedding of someone you love.

The Unique Wedding Gifts Of Stained Glass

Finding the right gift for that very special someone when they are getting married is difficult.  Yes, there are registries, which certainly make it easier, but those gifts tend to be predictable and sometimes even cliche. This where we, here at Houston glass, come in.  May we present to you, an option to you that will have the newlywed couple smiling and probably in tears when they open it–custom stained glass.  Buying a custom stained glass panel or window made especially for a young couple is the perfect gift to mark the beginning of their lives together and give them a gift of heirloom quality as well.  It will certainly be something they will cherish and something utterly unique as there are endless possibilities with custom stained glass.

Here are some ways to customize the stained glass window or panel to personalize it to make it extra special for the bride and groom:

Monograms:  Have the first letter of the couple’s last name stylized in a field design of your choice.

Date:  There is no better way to memorialize a wedding than to have the date included on a beautiful stained glass window or panel.

Wedding Colors:  The colors a couple chose for their wedding are likely their favorite, so having a stained glass window or panel made with them is a sure bet.

Engagement Picture: Stained glass can be made to mimic a real life picture to memorialize the bride and groom in a stylish way.

Custom Stained Glass Houston For Your Wedding Gifts

No matter what stained glass design you choose to mark that special day, the bride and groom will appreciate the momentous thought that went into their gift.  This is why a stained glass panel is a perfect wedding gift.   If you don’t know exactly what size, color or style–that’s ok!   A simple solution is to buy them a gift certificate for the stained glass  This makes it so they can pick out exactly what they want to have made to remember their big day.  We know price can sometimes be an issue with a full stained glass window, which is considerably more expensive than a panel.  However, this allows you to go in with others who love them as a great way to do a meaningful group gift!

If you live in the Houston area and are looking for a unique, wedding gift to mark the wedding of someone you love, contact Custom Stained Glass Houston today to discuss a custom stained glass design today!