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Religious & Church Stained Glass

Exploring Beautiful Stained Glass Churches in The South

On 04, Oct 2018 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Religious & Church Stained Glass | By csghadmin

There are many beautiful examples of stained glass throughout Southern churches. These unique stained glass collections can be found throughout different houses of worship throughout all the Southern states. For stained glass enthusiasts, exploring these gorgeous stained glass pieces that can range from newer, contemporary stained glass to historic stained glass pieces built in the 1800s. These differing stained glass collections offer inspiration for Houston churches looking to create their own custom stained glass pieces.
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Lovely Stained Glass Finish Options For Your Beaumont Church Or Chapel

On 18, Sep 2018 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Religious & Church Stained Glass | By csghadmin

Choosing A Stained Glass Style For Your Beaumont

Thinking about adding stained glass to your Beaumont Church? Or maybe restoring the existing stained glass? But have no idea where to start? Well, that makes sense since almost no “regular Joe” knows much about the ancient art of stained glass. Likewise, you probably don’t know (but want to) what types of stained glass options are available for you. No need to worry, we here at Custom Stained Glass Houston, can help you sort things out because–it is our business to know all about this lovely and lasting. And frankly, it is something we just love to talk about. Read below for some popular and pleasing ideas for stained glass to grace your Beaumont church and enchant parishioners of your Beaumont church for decades to come.

Stained Glass Options For Chapels And Churches In Beaumont

Opalescent Glass

Opalescent glass is a piece of glass with mixed colors in it. Typically there are two to five that are used in the process. This gives glass depth and many gorgeous color combinations. Plus no two pieces are alike! This type of glass treatment contains a white opaqueness so that the glass is not see through it and it perfect for areas where you want diffused light–like entryways.

Cathedral Glass

This type of stained glass is transparent and usually is only one color. It has incredible clarity and is wonderful for creating a high-end, striking stained glass look. As the name implies this type of glass is often used in cathedral windows but is wonderful for pictorial scenes, symbols, and memorial plates too!

Hand-Stained Glass

Hand-stained glass, like the name states, is stained/painted by hand. It is typically reddish-brown or black and great for creating life-like scenes. This is because after an artist applies a layer of stain to a piece, they finish by carefully tapping or brushing in highlights–giving the piece amazing depth. This glass is perfect for pictorial scenes depicting natural symbols or human faces because of the amazing detail and shading.

Faceted Glass

Different from leaded glass, faceted glass has its own very unique look. This reason for this is because– it is a thick glass that is faceted or chipped on the surface. This type of faceting makes for amazing light play off the glass. Faceted glass is held together with epoxy which allows the spaces between the glass adding even more to its depth and glow.

Custom Stained Glass Houston For Church Stained Glass In Beaumont

All of these types of glass treatments are ones we use at Custom Stained Glass Houston, not only to create new church windows but in restoring windows to their former glory. Reach out to us today for information and pricing on stained glass creation, installation or restoration on your Beaumont church.

Things You Should Know When Exploring Restoring Your Houston Church Stained Glass Windows

Our Houston church stained glass restoration process includes various, intricate techniques that ultimately lengthen the process, increase restoration cost, as well as adds antique equity to your piece. It’s important to understand all the steps that are involved with religious stained glass restoration to better evaluate if you’d like to proceed or not. Restoration can take up to two months due to our comprehensive process that can prolong product life for another century.
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