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Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Prairie Style Stained Glass

On 12, Jun 2018 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Custom Stained Glass | By csghadmin

Custom Stained Glass Houston strives to creates the most innovative, high quality custom stained glass for our Houston clientele. We love recreating stained glass pieces, paying homage to artists and different art movements, and delivering harmonious, well-balanced pieces. With so many different styles, colors, and textures that can be reflected in stained glass, homeowners and business owners have free creative direction in customizing the stained glass feature of their dreams. One of the styles of stained glass that remains popular among Houston residents is the Prairie style stained glass inspired from Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Prairie Style Stained Glass for Your Houston Home or Business

Frank Lloyd Wright was an acclaimed American artist, interior decorator, and architect. Wright built over 1000 properties across the United States promoting his signature style and decor. Wright was well-known for his simplistic line work, symmetry, and clean presentation. With so many inspired by his style and designs, Wright inspired his own art movement across various mediums including stained glass. When referring to Wright inspired stained glass, it’s often called Prairie style stained glass. This timeless look provides the simplicity and symmetry Wright was known for with simple line work and geometric shapes. Prairie style stained glass can range from vibrant, colorful privacy pieces to completely clear, leaded, contemporary windows. Some even incorporate both showcasing pops of color amongst a clear background.

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass from Custom Stained Glass Houston on Vimeo.

Custom Prairie Style Stained Glass Design Process

Custom Stained Glass Houston hand sketches all of our client ideas to begin the custom design process. Once these sketches are finished, we enter them into CAD software in order to better visualize the design and receive proper proportions. We utilize Photoshop for perfect color matching as well.

For more information regarding Prairie style stained glass for your Houston property, please contact us or call: (832) 426-2215