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On 18, Jan 2011 | No Comments | In | By csghadmin

Commercial Stained Glass Houston

Scottish Stained Glass designs, manufactures and installs stained glass in restaurants, hotels, bars, casinos, office and commercial buildings. We even designed some of the glass for Disney in Florida.

Houston is a thriving metropolis with a still booming economy. The downtown and surrounding areas are filled with offices and skyscrapers that represent the city’s prosperity. How do you make your office space stand out among the crowd? Commercial stained glass from Scottish Stained Glass offers a great opportunity to show the world that your company is successful, modern and innovative—and has great taste and style. It adds a unique look to your retail locations or offices that people will remember and talk about.

(By the way, the photo above is a restoration of the stained glass ceiling in the lobby of the Boulderado Hotel. This huge stained glass master work is one of the biggest talking points of this hotel; one so spectacular that no guest to the hotel ever forgets it.)

Scottish Stained Glass would be delighted to do something as awe inspiring and unforgettable in your Houston commercial space. Commercial stained glass provides just the sophisticated, stylish touch you might be looking for in an upscale restaurant, trendy bar, high end hotel, classy casino, or any of Houston’s many office buildings or municipal buildings.

Popular uses for Houston commercial stained glass include:

1. Giving an establishment an authentic feel, such as Celtic stained glass designs for an Irish or Scottish bar or

2. Giving an establishment a high-end feel, distinguishing it from its competitors, such as using custom stained
glass for upscale malls, hotels and casinos.

3. Beautifying a public space, such as using stained glass for public art or in municipal government buildings.

Houston commercial stained glass projects can be large or small. They can span an entire lobby ceiling, or just involve a single panel designed to honor the achievement of a company or the donations of an individual.

As the largest custom stained glass studio in the U.S., Scottish has over twenty years of experience and over 40,000 installations to date. All of our commercial Houston stained glass projects use local Texas artisans to create the pieces, and expertly trained local installers as well.

You’ll be working with one of our design experts to ensure you receive the exact pattern, colors and style to best complement your space. They will come to you and show you a plethora of different ideas, patterns, designs and styles. Your leaded glass project can involve vivid color or no color, textured glass or beveled glass, and varying degrees of transparency. One of the benefits to commercial stained glass is it provides a classy and distinctive window treatment that still lets in the natural light. Whether your commercial space is ultra-modern and minimalist, or an older building with a completely different sort of character, we can custom design stained glass windows, doors, skylights, or panels to show it off to its best advantage.

Why have “just an office” when you can create an unforgettable space filled with beauty that inspires everyone who walks through your doors?

Contact us today to begin the design process for your commercial stained glass project. We look forward to collaborating with you.