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On 17, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In | By csghadmin

Hallway Stained Glass Houston

Houston hallways can be dark, utilitarian or dull – or as lovely as any other area on your home. Imagine your hallway windows with custom stained glass panels, glowing with vibrant color that livens up the entire area.

Or imagine lovely beveled or textured glass letting the light stream in and casting dramatic shadow patterns on your hallway walls…

If your hallway contains a window or cutout to another room, stained glass panels can completely transform the look and feel of this narrow space. Staircases, such as the lovely spiral one in the photo above, are another area in which stained glass windows can add a stunning focal point along with value and aesthetic interest. You can choose from a large variety of clear glass textures and patterns, or even add colors to match your decor.

Staircase windows frequently come in unusual shapes or sizes. Sometimes they are arched at the top, adding to the difficulty of covering them with traditional blinds or other window applications. Their location, size or shape is not an issue with stained glass treatments. Each stained glass panel that we create is custom designed and manufactured to your exact specifications and design preferences. Colored or clear? Opaque or transparent? Beveled or textured? It’s your choice.

Aside from adding beauty and value to your home, stained glass hallway windows are also practical in terms of greater privacy. If your hallway windows face into a neighbor’s home, the side of their house, or a displeasing view, stained glass is the perfect solution. It adds privacy and blocks a view you’d just as soon forget, but still lets the sun shine into an area that is frequently dark.

Whether you’ve never considered adding stained glass to your hallway, or have wanted it for a long time, we know you will enjoy our custom design process. One of our designers will come to your home and show you samples, photos and ideas. If you have your own idea, the designer will sketch it out on graph paper, to scale, so you can see exactly how it would look in your Houston hallway or staircase window. Once deciding on a pattern, you’ll receive a computer rendering of exactly what your leaded glass panel will look like in your windows.

If you have budgetary restraints, we will work with you to create a design you love at a price you can afford. Professional installation is always included in the price.

Scottish stained glass hires local, specially trained Texas artisans to create your custom stained glass hallway or stairway windows. Your design options run from traditional to the modern and completely unique. We know how much thought and care you’ve put into the décor of your home. Adding stained glass might just be that final finishing touch that takes it from well decorated to a showpiece.

Contact us for a free, in-home consultation with one of our designers today. With 20 plus years in business, we’ve installed more than 40,000 windows for delighted customers in Houston and across the United States. We’d love to include you in that list!