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On 18, Dec 2011 | No Comments | In | By csghadmin

Church Stained Glass Houston

When many people in Houston think of stained glass, the stunning church windows of old come to mind. Religious
icons, detailed painting, and religious symbolism were common in the church windows of days gone by.

Many churches contained a whole series of stained glass panels, depicting scenes from the life of Christ, or other religious themes. In fact, some of the most ancient stained glass ever discovered has come from excavations of ancient European churches.

In business for over 20 years, Scottish Stained Glass provides Houston churches, chapels and temples with stained glass masterpieces for the modern era. Our stained glass is of the highest quality, combining the ancient stained glass techniques with modern technology for affordable stained glass which will last for countless generations.

Although Scottish is the nation’s largest stained glass studio, we try to use local artisans whenever practical. To create Houston religious stained glass, we use talented and highly experienced Texas stained glass artists, trained in our techniques, and professional local installers.

In this day and age, there are as many design possibilities for religious stained glass as there are religions.

Restoration of Religious Stained Glass, Houston

We offer full restoration services as well, for any old, broken church stained glass as well, lovingly restoring it back to its original glory. Click here to find out more about our restoration and replication services. Our stained glass designers will come to you, to accurately assess your needs, provide an estimate, and work with you within your congregation’s budget. They will suggest ideas and designs, and even do research to create designs that pay homage to the world’s most beautiful religious stained glass.
Scottish Stained Glass Houston Church

Whether you want to add all new stained glass windows with a modern design, or are looking to match existing stained glass windows, you can rest assured that we can manufacture exactly what you need. Please browse through our galleries to see the detail, quality and variety of designs we offer. If you don’t see what you are looking for, our designers can work with you to create something different.

You may have budgetary or other practical concerns. Have you considered that stained glass is both inspiring and functional? When we install your stained glass windows, they are bonded to clear glass windows for an extra level of support and thermal insulation. This allows your congregation to save on heating and cooling bills.

Contact us at Scottish Stained Glass, Houston, to speak with one of our talented designers. We have the utmost respect for the ancient tradition of religious stained glass. It is our honor to carry on this ancient and inspiring art form, and bring the work of our artists to today’s functional world. As such, we’d be delighted to assist you in enhancing the beauty and spirituality of your church, chapel or temple with modern day works of art to rival the masterpieces of old.