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Church Stained Glass Restoration & Repair

Houston Stained Glass Restoration

Many Houston area churches are known for their stunning stained glass windows, windows that offer inspiration and upliftment to all who see them. Along with churches in Houston and across Texas, stained glass church windows became extremely sought after around the beginning of the twentieth century.

If you do the math, you’ll realize that many of these stained glass masterpieces are now nearing or passing the century mark. And it’s possible that over the years, they have been damaged, or have deteriorated in some way. If a piece of church stained glass requires either repair or full restoration, please attend to it as quickly as possible, before the problems get worse.

When it comes to church stained glass repair in Houston, we are your experts with over two decades of repair experience. A window or other stained glass panel might need repair if one or more pieces of the glass have chipped, cracked, or fallen out entirely. For this process, we remove the window to our studio, and work from the closest edge in, only disassembling as much as we must to reach and replace the damaged glass.

However, a full church stained glass restoration is another thing entirely. This can become necessary for several different reasons.

1. A sheet of plexiglass was added to the exterior of the stained glass, to protect the windows from vandalism or from the elements. This is a mistake because the plexiglass causes a heat buildup between it and the stained glass that damages the lead strips over time. Once damaged, these strips no longer hold the window in the proper structural integrity.

2. The actual weight of the window and the pull of gravity over the years has caused the window to bow or sag or even buckle. This puts tremendous stress on the glass and can cause it to crack, shatter, or drop right out of the window, which is an obvious safety hazard.

Houston Stained Glass Repair

3. The damaged lead strips can become brittle or bent and no longer form a good seal with the glass they are supposed to be holding together.

With this type of situation, a full restoration is called for. We will again bring the window to our studio, but it will be fully disassembled in order to add brand new, reinforced lead strips that will provide greater strength and durability for the reinstalled window. We also soak the glass in a special cleaning solution, replace any missing or damaged pieces of glass with matching glass from one of our high-quality suppliers (this can be custom ordered if necessary to match the existing antique glass) and polish the reassembled piece to a fine luster.

We will also reinstall the church stained glass window with appropriate safeguards, considering its weight. This might include steel supports into the frame, and definitely includes two clear panes of glass on the outside of the stained glass. They protect the newly refurbished stained glass and add to the window’s overall thermal efficiency.

To learn more about religious stained glass restoration, read our comprehensive, essential guide:

If you are looking at a costly restoration project, please ask us how we can help with a fundraising effort to support the project. For more information about church stained glass repair and restoration in Houston or across Texas, please contact us as soon as possible.

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