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Stained Glass Benefits

5 Beautiful Stained Glass Examples for Your Houston Bathroom

On 17, Jan 2017 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Benefits | By csghadmin

When it comes to interior design and decor, many homeowners find that the room in their home that they have the hardest time with is their bathroom. That’s because dealing with bathroom windows can be tricky. Luckily we’ve got an easy solution. Stained glass can give the bathroom of your Houston home the special look and privacy it needs.

Though it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, stained glass is actually a very practical choice for your bathroom design. While bathroom windows are beneficial for providing light and brightening up what would otherwise seem a small, dimly lit space, they can ruin your privacy. Unfortunately curtains and blinds aren’t ideal in this area because they block out the light completely. With stained glass, you can still enjoy the natural light and have a higher level of privacy for your bathroom.

To help you out with your home improvement project, we’ve put together this list of 5 absolutely gorgeous bathroom stained glass examples. Houston homeowners everywhere can benefit from the beauty and functionality of this unique architectural feature.

1. Privacy Stained Glass

bathroom stained glass windows

Soak in complete relaxation and privacy with stained glass windows above your tub or in your shower area.

2. Bathroom Cabinets

bathroom cabinet stained glass houston

Conceal cabinet clutter and personal items with stained glass for your bathroom cabinets.

3. Custom Showers

bathroom stained glass windows houston

Give your shower a high end look with custom stained glass windows that keep wandering eyes at bay.

4. Transom Windows

bathroom stained glass transoms

Make use of windows that are high up or small in size with transom stained glass.

5. Sliding Windows

bathroom stained glass houston

Retain full functionality of your windows with SIG stained glass sliding windows.

Stained Glass Experts in Houston

Take your bathroom design to the next level. Call Custom Stained Glass Houston, Houston’s leading stained glass provider, to have beautiful stained glass windows installed in your home.