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Stained Glass Benefits

Our 5 Favorite Stained Glass Applications for 2017

On 10, Jan 2017 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Benefits | By csghadmin

For many people, the start of 2017 brings welcomed change. The new year seems to be filled with the air of promise and the chance to fulfill long-sought dreams. This year, why not give yourself and your family the home you’ve always dreamed of having? Stained glass can make your Houston home shine with beauty and radiance.

Stained Glass Trends for 2017

Do you love the look of stained glass, but aren’t sure where you’d put it in your home? That’s why we’re help to help you feel inspired about your new year renovations. We’ve put together this list of our five favorite stained glass applications for 2017.

1. Entryways

entryway stained glass
Stained glass is perfect for residential entryways for both aesthetic and practical reasons. It brings unique character and personality to the front part of your home. And it also prevents solicitors or people walking by on the street from seeing into your home, creating a sense of security and privacy for your family.

2. Kitchens

kitchen stained glass window
If you enjoy cooking or entertaining, you probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen. But if your home is built close to your neighbors, privacy could be an issue. The fact that anyone could see what you’re doing or what’s inside your home can be an unsettling feeling. It’s easy to see why stained glass is perfect for kitchen and dining areas.

3. Bathroom Windows

bathroom stained glass houston
Obviously, having privacy in your bathroom is a necessity. But curtains and blinds can block out the sun and make your bathroom seem small and dim. Stained glass is a great alternative to traditional window coverings for creating privacy in your bathroom or shower area.

4. Cabinets

cabinet door stained glass
If you have fine china or antique kitchenware, you may want to be able to show it off for your guests to see. By adding stained glass to your kitchen cabinets, you can create an interesting display case in your kitchen or dining area. Cabinet stained glass is also great for concealing clutter in bathroom cabinets, living room bars, and kitchen pantries.

5. Basements

basement stained glass
Thinking about turning your basement into a guest room or entertainment area? With stained glass, you can cover up unattractive window wells in your basement and enhance your interior design.

Stained Glass, the Perfect Addition to Your Houston Home

This year, take your home design to the next level. Call Custom Stained Glass Houston to get started on your home renovations today.