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Stained Glass Benefits

Privacy An Issue In Your Houston Home? Stained Glass Is The Solution!

On 30, Jun 2017 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Benefits | By csghadmin

Stained Glass For More Privacy In Your Houston Home

Living in a city the size of Houston definitely has its advantages.  There is never a shortage of things to do or people to see.  The food scene here is amazing the houses are gorgeous and it is really just an all around great place to live.  However, one thing about living in a large city, Houston notwithstanding, is that privacy can be a hard thing to come by.  That’s right, with houses built relatively close together and a ton of people in and around where you live, some windows on your home start to become burdensomely open to the intrusion of the outside world–primarily those in the bathroom and bedroom.  At Custom Stained Glass Houston we have just the solution to the issue of privacy in the city and that solution is–stained glass

Stained Glass For Bathrooms

Let’s face it, nobody wants to feel exposed when they are in the bathroom.  Often times bathroom window face neighbors homes and a totally opaque window can lead to some pretty embarrassing situations with your neighbors.  With Stained glass in your Houston home’s bathroom window, you can have total privacy from the outside world, while still enjoying all the natural light from before the window was installed.  A duty blinds and curtains just can’t do.

Stained Glass For Bedrooms

Many of our clients come to us after searching high and low for a solution to bedroom privacy.  This is because many bedroom windows face the street and are the worst for keeping out the eyes of nearly anyone who cares to look in.  Stained glass windows in your bedroom keep those unwanted eyes out while making a stylish statement to the world.

If you are having privacy issues in your Houston home, condo or townhouse, contact Custom Stained Glass Houston for a free estimate and get going on a more private home today!