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Beautiful Ways Beveled Glass Can Add Style and Sophistication to Houston Homes

Houston homeowners are always looking for ways to add style and sophistication to their homes– whether they have traditional style or contemporary style decorated properties. Finding affordable projects that improve curb appeal and property value can definitely be tough. Beveled glass is a wonderful, unique feature that can really elevate your space at an attractive price point. This beautiful yet functional upgrade can really be the change you’re looking for.

Custom Beveled Stained Glass for Your Houston Home

Beveled glass is a clear glass that’s designed to have beveled edges around its exterior. This promotes a beautiful prismatic effect whenever the Texas sunlight hits it, producing a rainbow effect. Beveled glass is typically used as the focal point of a stained glass piece– whether you’d like one main focal point or a few, beveled glass adds that elegance you’ve been looking for. From all leaded, clear glass pieces to traditional stained glass with pops of color, beveled glass can highly compliment whatever theme you’ve decorated your home in.

Custom Beveled Glass Design Process for Houston Homes

Custom Stained Glass Houston has the largest selection of beveled glass available for Houston homes. Our design team works hard to incorporate whatever beveled glass you’d like into your design, making sure it’s all cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. One of our stained glass artisans is happy to sit down with you to hand sketch your designs and show you our beveled glass collection. Our portfolio is filled with beautiful beveled glass designs and can compliment any home. We utilize advanced computer-aided design software and Photoshop to produce the highest quality custom stained glass with perfect proportions and coloring. Our customers review their design at least 8-10 time prior to production to ensure they love it.

For more information regarding custom beveled glass designs for your Houston home, please contact us or call: (832) 426-2215