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Exploring Beautiful Stained Glass Churches in The South

On 04, Oct 2018 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Religious & Church Stained Glass | By csghadmin

There are many beautiful examples of stained glass throughout Southern churches. These unique stained glass collections can be found throughout different houses of worship throughout all the Southern states. For stained glass enthusiasts, exploring these gorgeous stained glass pieces that can range from newer, contemporary stained glass to historic stained glass pieces built in the 1800s. These differing stained glass collections offer inspiration for Houston churches looking to create their own custom stained glass pieces.

Noteworthy Religious Stained Glass in Southern Churches

Some of the most gorgeous religious stained glass collections can be found in the Southern churches located throughout the United States. The Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel at Callaway Resort and Gardens, located in Georgia, takes inspiration from its beautiful, serene surroundings. The stained glass housed in their main sanctuary reflects an abstract piece showcasing different trees that are native to the community. Bringing in pieces of nature offers such an elegant touch. The Chapel of Thanksgiving, located in Texas, has one of the most unique stained glass pieces found in the United States. With a 90-foot giant spiral seashell stained glass feature, the incredible, breathtaking piece displays beautiful prisms of light from strategically placed and colored stained glass windows. Dedicated to spiritual diversity and freedom, the Chapel of Thanksgiving is definitely a noteworthy masterpiece.

Taking Inspiration for Your Houston Church

Custom Stained Glass Houston can help you create your very own stained glass masterpiece. Stained glass can improve property value, add privacy, display significant religious messages and figures, inspire your congregation, attract tourists, and much more. Creating your own custom religious stained glass for your Houston church offers so many benefits and a special way to showcase the most significant values to your house of worship.

For more information regarding custom stained glass for your Houston church, please contact us!