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Religious & Church Stained Glass

Things You Should Know When Exploring Restoring Your Houston Church Stained Glass Windows

Our Houston church stained glass restoration process includes various, intricate techniques that ultimately lengthen the process, increase restoration cost, as well as adds antique equity to your piece. It’s important to understand all the steps that are involved with religious stained glass restoration to better evaluate if you’d like to proceed or not. Restoration can take up to two months due to our comprehensive process that can prolong product life for another century.

Fascinating Church Stained Glass Restoration Techniques

In order to complete a proper restoration, we must remove your stained glass windows and carefully deliver them back to our repair studio. Once it arrives, we soak your stained glass panels for up to two weeks in our proprietary soap mixture. This process removes everything that’s built up on your stained glass over the last century as well as enables us to take the window apart piece-by-piece.

Painted glass is a stained glass technique that’s been utilized in many religious stained glass windows. Our team of restoration experts thoroughly understand how to replicate any painted glass technique from any decade or century. We incorporate two restoration techniques: 1. We take a clear piece of glass and paint the layers separately while baking the glass in our kiln between layers 2. We take a colored piece of glass and create line work and shading with black paint then bake the finalized product in our kiln. Painted glass in baked between 1200 and 1450 degrees in order to bond the paint and melt it directly into the glass.

Installing Restored Religious Stained Glass Windows

Once restoration is successful and complete, we carefully reinstall your stained glass window. We additionally install to clear glass panels on both sides of the stained glass with proper ventilation. This ensures both durability as well as heat ventilation so no warping occurs. Your congregation and staff will be amazed by the sparkling, new look of your inspiring stained glass windows.

If you have any questions regarding the stained glass restoration process or would like to schedule an on-site consultation for your Houston church, give us a call: (832) 426-2215