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Stained Glass

From Dallas to Barcelona: Stained Glass Masterpieces Around the World

On 25, Oct 2018 | No Comments | In Stained Glass | By csghadmin

Stained glass is one of the world’s oldest art forms. Since Ancient Egyptian days when artisans used to wind strands of molten glass around clay to make beads for jewelry, stained glass has been an important part of the world’s art history. Additionally, many cultures and religious bodies consider stained glass to be of great value and importance, not only for its sentimental purposes, but also its practical uses too. Once, stained glass was used in churches as a way to teach attendees who could not read the lessons of the Bible.

More About the Evolution of Stained Glass

Over the years, stained glass has evolved greatly. In its early beginnings, it was nothing more than tinted or colored glass. However, as we evolved as humans and gained knowledge of modern science and engineering concepts, stained glass evolved as well. Today, many artisans have made their mark in history by producing stained glass windows of incredible beauty and intricacy. While some of these masterpieces only exists as fragments, many are still intact today due to modern preservation methods.

Stained Glass Masterpieces

From Dallas and Houston to Barcelona, Scotland, and beyond, beautiful stained glass masterpieces can be found all across the globe. Some of the most notable works include:

1. La Sagrada Familia
The La Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona began as a piece of Roman Gothic architecture, but ended as a modern masterpiece. The original architect quit halfway through the project, leaving Antonio Gaudi to carry it to completion. Gaudi reinvented the original design by adding a modern twist. The stained glass windows in the church were added after he died, but are still regarded as an important part of his vision.

cosmovitral en toluca

Cosmovitral Botanical Garden2. The Cosmovitral Botanical Garden
In the Cosmovitral Botanical Garden, art meets nature and the two combine to produce an environment full of color, light, and beauty. The Cosmovitral Botanical Garden is a botanic garden and stained glass mural that exists in Toluca Mexico. The massive stained glass mural winds around the entire building and continues across the ceiling.

famous stained glass

3. The Chapel of Thanksgiving
The Chapel of Thanksgiving in Dallas houses one of the most photographed stained glass masterpieces in the world. A stained glass spiral winds upward towards the top of the ceiling, leading to a large circular piece of stained glass in the middle. The “Glory Window” is one the largest horizontally mounted pieces of glass art in the world.

Obtain a Stained Glass Masterpiece

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